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Company Information

Established in 2007 as a joint venture between Petrochemical Downstream Industries Development Co. (a public investment company) and private sector investors, Ibne Sina Petrochemical Co. has been appointed by Iranian National Petrochemical Co. as the executor of Maleic  Anhydride, 1,4- Butanediol and Poly Buthylene  Trephthalate Plants in Mahshahr.
Being situated in Mahshahr allows the possibility of local access to the feedstock of project, i.e. butane the supply of which has been guaranteed by NPC.


Geographical Location

Ibne Sina Petrochemical Co.’s Project will be carried out in Site 2 of Petrochemical Special Economic Zone, in Bandar Mahshahr, in the south-west o
f Iran. Ibne Sina’s land, covers an area of 10 hectares. Situated close-by to Bandar Imam Khomeini  Petrochemical Co., Ibne Sina’s feed stock supplier, and Fajr Petrochemical Co., a central utility provider, the project is well located to carry out its production activities. Moreover, access to the Petrochemical  Zone's jetties for export, provides Ibne Sina with the ideal location to aim for global markets. Furthermore, through easy access inside the petrochemical zone to one of the main railway routes in Iran, Ibne Sina can benefit from access to Central  Asian markets.


Address: 8th Floor, Kiyan Tower, No. 2551, Vail Asr Street, Tehran - Iran
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Email: info@ibne-sina.com

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